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Carnival of Souls


Carnival of Souls

Wes Craven executive producer


A young girl witnesses the brutal rape and murder of her mother by a circus clown and begins to have nightmares when the carnival comes back to town when she is an adult.

Production Co. Trimark Pictures
Distributor Village Roadshow Pictures
Release Date August 21, 1998
Running Time 85 minutes
  • Bobbie Phillips
  • Shawnee Smith
  • Larry Miller
  • Paul Johansson
  • Cleavant Derricks
  • Henry G. Sanders
  • Brendan Dillon

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Although this film is a remake of 1962's Carnival of Souls, it bears little resemblance to the original aside from the ending. This film centers on Alex Grant (Bobbie Phillips) who witnesses her mother's rape and murder by a carnival clown named Louis Seagram (Larry Miller) on January 24, 1977. Twenty years later, Alex fears for her life, worrying that Louis might come after her and her younger sister. One day Louis returns after being released from prison for murdering Alex's mother and tries to kill Alex. Alex drives the car that she and Louis are in into the river, then she begins to have hallucinations, she begins to lose her mind as Alex is now plagued by nightmarish visions of Louis Seagram and the same carnival where she met him. Alex is then drawn into a ghoulish and deadly game of cat and mouse with Seagram at the carnival.

Source: Wikipedia

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