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Invitation To Hell


Invitation To Hell

Wes Craven director


A family moves to a suburban town only to be coerced into joining a suspicious club.

Production Co. Moonlight Productions
Distributor American Broadcasting Company, Artisan Entertainment, Castle Communications, Elephant Films, Kasino Video, Sony Video, Videocast
Release Date May 24, 1984
Running Time 96 minutes
  • Robert Urich
  • Joanna Cassidy
  • Susan Lucci
  • Joe Regalbuto
  • Kevin McCarthy

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When a family moves to a suburban California neighborhood, everything is going great. The neighbors are nice, the neighborhood is clean, and there is a local health spa close to their house that everyone in the town belongs to. At first they consider joining it until their neighbors and co-workers hassle them constantly for not doing it right away. They start to get a little suspicious towards why they are so interested in them joining, but not the point where they think something is wrong. The wife and kids are up for it, but the dad is skeptical and fears a bit of evil in the spa. Is the dad just a little superstitious or is the spa really a Invitation to Hell?

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