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First Day of shooting Red-Eye

Nov 15, 2004

First Day of shooting, and the special effects team tests the rain system attached to the cab that Rachel's Character, Lisa, is in. Rather than all of us working in the downpour for these interior shots, we simply made it rain on the cab alone. It made the two shots a lot more do-able, and could be quickly turned on and off between takes. Our special effects wizard Ron Bolanowski also had two huge rain bars held a hundred feet up in the air by two giant cranes, for when we were shooting our wide shots and needed to make rain pour down on the entire airport. It was pretty spectacular, and worked perfectly every time.

This was important, because many thought trying to make this much rain on such a tight schedule would put us in the toilet on our first night out. We got everything we needed without mishap, and it looked great. Ya just gotta believe.


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