February 24, 2018
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Taking Fright: Wes Craven’s Red Eye flies the scary skies

Entertainment Weekly has a review of Wes' movie Red Eye, titled "Taking Fright: Wes Craven's Red Eye flies the scary skies". Exclusive Interview with Wes Craven

Wes talks about his upcoming suspense thriller Red-Eye. Click here to read the interview.

On the set

Wes on the RED EYE set

Red-Eye shoot in Florida

Sunny Miami, right? Wrong. This is the kind of weather we had half the days we shot in Miami. I'd gone out for a rare walk this particular afternoon, and ended up taking shelter under an awning as the skies opened up. Not that there's anything wrong with rain, unless you're in the middle of [...]


This is one of my favorite snaps from the shoot. It was pre-dawn, and we were setting up for a shot of the sun coming up - an important moment in the script when all the threads of the story are about to come together. I noticed how striking this small spur of the larger [...]

Airplane Set

This is a shot of the airplane set we used in the making of RED-EYE. It could be pulled apart and put back together, had walls that would come off for camera angles impossible on a real plane, and had a huge crane rail running its full length, hidden here above the overhead storage bins, [...]

Wes and Sheila on the set

My cameo! This is my script supervisor, Sheila, and me making our debuts. Unfortunately, we ended up on the cutting room floor. Maybe it was because neither one of us could keep a straight face.

Wes on the set

Our leading lady, Rachel McAdams, and me on the RED-EYE set just before we broke for the holidays. I had someone take this picture for my sister, Carole, who lives in Cleveland and loved Rachel in the Notebook.

Airport shoot for Red-Eye

My 1st AD, Mark Cotone, script supervisor, Sheila Waldron, and me on the set of RED-EYE. We were shooting nights at Ontario (California) airport for a our first week. Notice the Texas flag in the background. Ontario airport stood in for the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, which is where Rachel's character first meets the man who [...]

First Day of shooting Red-Eye

First Day of shooting, and the special effects team tests the rain system attached to the cab that Rachel's Character, Lisa, is in. Rather than all of us working in the downpour for these interior shots, we simply made it rain on the cab alone. It made the two shots a lot more do-able, and [...]