February 24, 2018
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THE HILLS HAVE EYES @ WonderCon in San Francisco

This is from the WonderCon convention in San Francisco where some cast members from the remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES and I made an appearance.

Wes Craven at WonderCon in San Francisco

Come meet Wes Craven at WonderCon on Saturday, Feb. 12. He will be there with cast members from THE HILLS HAVE EYES, due out in theaters on March 10.


You can check out THE HILLS HAVE EYES trailer on this upcoming releases: WOLF CREEK Dec-25 HOSTEL Jan-6-06 FEAST Jan-20-06 UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION Jan-20-06 WHEN A STRANGER CALLS Feb-3-06 FINAL DESTINATION 3 Feb-10-06 ULTRAVIOLET Feb-24-06 Or click here to view the trailer.

The Hills Have Eyes

The remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES will be released nationwide March 10, 2006. Click here to visit the fan site.


Late-breaking news: Wes has Just finished filming a segment for a film called PARIS, JE T'AIME. That's "Paris, I Love You" in French, by the way. Paris has twenty districts, so the concept of the film (produced by the makers of AMELIE and many other great films) was to invite 20 directors from around the [...]

RED EYE European Press Tour

These pictures are from the second round of promoting RED EYE across Europe.

RED EYE Press Tour

These pictures are from Wes' recent trip across the country showing RED EYE in San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto and Miami.

RED EYE buzz

Click here to check out the buzz about RED EYE, Wes' latest thriller opening nationwide in the US on Friday, August 19th.

What Scares Men about Women

The September issue of Glamour magazine has an article by Wes on "What Scares Men about Women". Click here to go to Glamour magazine.

RED EYE Premiere

Wes and his wife Iya at the Los Angeles RED EYE Premiere on Aug. 4, 2005 at The Mann Bruin Theater in Westwood.